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In today‚Äôs digital age, your online presence needs to be dynamic and responsive. That’s why our service¬†transcends¬†traditional web design by automating large and time consuming processes.

We can now integrate AI-powered assistants directly into your website, social media DMs on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, helping automate lead generation 24/7, qualifying automatically and most importantly collecting all relevant DATA that your business NEEDS to grow.

We offer a vast array of services not only for businesses, corporations, sole traders but also various services for individuals and developers. 

No fluff, just impactful, tech-driven results.


= Our Terms =
We don't complicate.

We know what works and what doesn’t from years of experience – and we don’t like hidden small print either, so we don’t have any…

Our mission is to bring your dream to life. Whether that be with a website, specifically crafted AI tools or an ES3D Tour to bring your space to life. We do it all.

Instead of trying to dictate and funnel the process we prefer an open discussion to forumlate a game plan that actually provides the success you’re looking for. If we can’t work together, it’s simple. We don’t force anything.

1) Pricing

To clarify the $1299 offer:

  1. 4-Page Package Development Cost only: $1299

    From experience, this is sufficient for the majority of website owners to get their presence online and can serve as a starting point for future expansion.

  2. 8-Page Package Development Cost only: $1899
  3. Additional Pages: $179 each

    Examples: Blog Archive Page, Blog Post Page, Shop Page, Single Product Design, separate Booking Form etc.

  4. Logo Design: $159 (3 designs provided, then one finalised together with you)
  5. Hosting (automatically added on for Year 1, and renews yearly unless the site is moved elsewhere before renewal): $23 pm, paid yearly $276.
  6. Optional Full Maintenance: $45 pm, paid yearly in advance: $540 and renews yearly unless cancelled prior to renewal
  1. Service Description: Our service involves the creation of websites by utilising a combination of manual design and ready-made templates. These templates serve as a starting point, which we then customise according to your specific needs and preferences. The final product is a unique website.
  2. Self-Implementation? While it is true that the initial templates we use and many other similar ones can be found online, the transformation of these templates into a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, and secure website requires a significant amount of technical knowledge and design expertise. Our service extends beyond the mere application of a template, offering a comprehensive solution that includes understanding business needs, managing technical aspects, and applying design principles when customising to your requirements.
  3. Value-Added Services: Our service provides a holistic approach to website creation. This includes:
    a) Business Acumen: We leverage our extensive experience working with diverse clients to understand and highlight the unique aspects of your business.
    b) Technical Expertise: We handle all technical aspects such as Domain DNS management, server management, website security, plugin selection and configuration, and template modifications.
    c) Design Proficiency: Our team possesses a keen eye for design, ensuring that your website not only looks good but also functions seamlessly. We consider all elements including font choice, sizes, colours, graphics, layout, and responsive design.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Our ability to offer competitive rates is a result of our streamlined process. We have optimised each step of our workflow to eliminate bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth and efficient service.
    The only dependency is the timely provision of your information and content, upon receipt of which, our process can commence.
  5. Ownership and Copyright: We respect the intellectual property rights of the original authors of the templates we use. We use these templates under license from our supplier Envato, in full compliance with their terms, which allow us to amend and customise as we see fit and bind the license to each individual project. We display the templates here to save you the trouble of having to search for inspiration elsewhere. We always share design examples such as these with our clients to get their feedback on what they would like.
  6. Use of Templates: The use of templates as a starting point for website design is a common practice in the industry, regardless of the project’s scale or cost. The customisation of these templates to meet the client’s specific needs is where our expertise comes into play. This practice is not limited to lower-cost websites but is also prevalent in high-cost projects by almost any web developer nowadays, as simply, hand-coded websites entirely from scratch are a thing of the past, unless you have a mega budget and development team.
  7. Customisation, Not On-Demand: Our service is not an “on-demand” or “made to order” service. We do not provide a platform or application that allows end users to customise a digital product to their specific needs. Instead, we apply our professional skills and effort to transform the template into a unique end product.
  8. End Product: The end product is a website that incorporates the template along with other design elements, making it larger in scope and different in nature than the original template. The value of the end product lies in the customisation and additional expertise we provide.
  9. Usage Rights: Each license includes the right to utilise the website (the end product) through communication to the public, broadcast, display, distribution, and reproduction. However, these rights are only applicable to the end product that we have created with the template.
  10. No Merchandising: Our service does not involve using the template for merchandising. The end product we create using the template is not a product where the primary value lies in the template itself. The template is not the core component of the end product, nor is it what makes the product fundamentally unique and valuable. Many inexperienced webmasters who lack “flair” manage to turn even the best-looking template into rubbish.¬† The value of our end product lies in the skill and effort we apply to incorporate the template into a larger design with the right balance of understanding and flair.
  11. eCommerce Shops: among the designs, there are also some eCommerce stores. Usually, our development cost for a fully fledged online store starts from $3500. However, as part of this streamlined process, we are happy to include the setup of an online store inside the 8-page core package, plus however many “additional” pages you need (you can add these during checkout).
    We will set up a fully working store and create the first FIVE products, which can then serve as a base for you to add many more.
    Store creation will not be done in 24-48 hrs as there is just too much back and forth and information exchange. Please prepare for a process of at least 2 weeks as long as all the info is readily available.

After completing checkout, you will reach an Onboarding Page where we collect relevant information about your Domain Name and some other pertinent info.

If you already own a Domain Name, we will collect:

  1. Domain Manager dashboard login details
    1. Dashboard website address (where you bought it)
    2. Username
    3. Password
      We need access to this to direct the domain to our server space where your website lives.
  2. The name of your Domain

    If you do NOT OWN a Domain Name yet, simply purchase it through our reseller platform with Crazy Domains at the best price. 
    Price: or .au or domains are $14.99 per year, .com is $19.99 per year.

    Go here to secure your dream domain: Site24 Domains

  3. Descriptions, Ideas, Keywords, other text based items
  4. Your Logo (see Tab 5 “Your Content” as well to see how we solve a “no logo” scenario with you)

Hosting and Maintenance require additional ongoing resources, so both are not included in the crazy low website creation rate.

However, we have streamlined both parts as well as follows:

  1. Highest quality web hosting: is automatically added to the site of your choice and is a condition of our offering (at least for Year 1) to enable our flow processes to function smoothly.
    1. Costs:  $25 per month, prepaid yearly ($300)
    2. Class leading servers
    3. Daily Site Backups
    4. Servers based in Australia
  2. Full Maintenance (Optional):¬† Choose whether you’d like our team to maintain and look after your site for you.

    Costs: $45 per month, prepaid yearly ($540)

    What’s included?

    1. Regular Updates of WordPress and Platform Plugins
    2. Server Management
    3. Repair if an Update crashes your site
    4. Site repair if hacked (invaluable)
    5. Support Ticket Help Desk if you get stuck with doing some work on your site

    What’s NOT included.

    1. Redesigning of your website.
    2. Creating additional content, like blog posts.
  3. Didn’t buy Maintenance but need help in future?

    Of course we still help our clients if something arises.
    Without a current maintenance package, we will just charge an affordable $89 per hour rate, with a min charge of 1 hour and each help request properly quoted before starting to avoid any misunderstandings. Each starting hour thereafter is charged at the hourly rate.

Three options for your email – use what suits you best:

  1. Provide an existing email address we add as the “hidden” receiver email in the Contact Form (like Please note, this is the least reliable option and may result in deliverability issues as many receiving servers flag free incoming email sender addresses (like hotmail) as suspect.
  2. We set one up for you on the server itself, examples or  
    This markedly increases deliverability to a recipients inbox.
  3. You have your own GoogleWorkspace (business Gmail) (or Rackspace or similar email-only service) Business email already (they have a cost of around $5-9 per month per account) – we can set up the server accordingly to use it. This is the best method and worth the small cost.

We will collect your preferred choice during Onboarding and implement during construction and send you instructions how to add the mailbox to your Inbox as needed.

After completing checkout, you will reach an Onboarding Page where we collect relevant information and content from you.

This includes:

  1. Contact Details for your website
  2. Imagery, Videos
  3. Descriptions, Ideas, Keywords, other text based items
  4. Your Logo (see Tab 1 “Site Designs” again to see how we solve a “no logo” scenario with you)

Not 100% sure what you need to put on the site?

Give us your basic outline of your concept, business or project and we get to it. Our team are creative, yet understanding and business minded and will come up with a first draft which we then fine tune together before switching it all on.

  1. No Logo yet?If you don’t have any logo branding yet, our team can design a professional logo and colour scheme for you as a small addon service ($79) which you can choose during checkout.

    We will provide you with 3 different logo designs to choose from and then we perfect your favourite with your input.

  2. Switching design later:
    If you change your mind on the site design chosen after we commence production, such a change would require an additional fresh purchase, as our team will already have mobilised the setup on all fronts per our tightly streamlined internal processes to ensure prompt delivery.
    We presume you understand that choosing carefully is your responsibility.

Our timer starts when we have 100% of your content in hand.

Please be clear that this means that if we create a logo for you, and the design process is going back and forth to perfect such logo, then even though the project has begun and work has started in the background, it is still in the queue to “officially” commence. BTW, that process should not take longer than 3 days, if you remain reachable for fine tuning of the design.
Or, in case you are still collecting images or videos to deliver to us, then the content is not yet complete.

In addition to your basic choice of either a 4-page or an 8 page site, you can easily add on additional pages as desired:

  1. Additional Pages are $179 each
  2. eCommerce setups (Online Store)

    Usually we start eCommerce stores at $3500, however as part of this streamlined offer, we are pleased to include a working online store setup in our program as follows:

    1. Choose the 8-Page CORE package
    2. Choose 5 additional pages
    3. Choose “Site24 to maintain the website”

      This enables us to set up the necessary pages for your store and do all the necessary for you to take orders in no time. 

    4. This includes up to 5 products (Simple products, or variable with 1 variation attribute, like “Size” or “Colour”), which you can the easily duplicate and customise to add many more.
    5. We will integrate your payment gateway (Stripe or similar)

      Important: please note, that larger stores require a custom quote, please book a call on the bottom of the Homepage.

What items must you have ready for a store, or get ready along the way?

1. Your business name registration

2. Your Payment Processor. We recommend to sign up for a Stripe account, signing up is free and there are no monthly fees, only reasonable transaction charges.

3. Your first product (or a few of them)

Should you be unhappy with the final outcome of the delivery, we will work closely with you to make it right at no additional cost, subject to sticking with the same layout basis. And we mean, until you are happy (-:

As mentioned above however, if you desire to change the entire layout at any point after the team commences, that would require a fresh purchase as our entire process has to recommence.

Changed your mind completely and want to abandon the project after starting off? Unfortunately there is also no refund, as due to the nature of our offer being super fast delivery, our system begins the process immediately after receiving instructions and your payment.

Based on the above satisfaction guarantee, we do not provide refunds. Please choose carefully AND work closely with us to make this a success.

We're ready! ūüöÄ
Step 1: Initial Design

No longer required! However, you may still choose a design.

First, select a Category, then click the links below the images to visit a live preview.

Even though the designs are geared for particular niches to kickstart your project faster, we gladly customise any chosen design for any topic.

During your Onboarding, let us know the chosen starting design name:
Travel & Accommodation 003.


Choose from THOUSANDS of designs below…

[ufg id=1]

BTW. Are you concerned about your new site being the same as somebody else’s because it began with a template? There are millions of templates to work from and it’s near impossible to find a competitor of yours who uses the exact same, especially after we customise it for you during the build.

Almost every website nowadays is built from a template as that simply makes commercial sense.
Even when you pay the developer $10,000+ for their work. They just have a high margin.
We have streamlined our processes to give you THE BEST value and quality in Australia.

Try finding better…

Step 2:
Get The Ball Rolling

4 Pages

Home, About, Services, Contact
$ 999 Build PLUS Hosting
AND Maintenance
  • Hosting: $180 yearly
  • Maintenance & Support: $300 yearly

8 Pages

Same 4 pages + 4 more
$ 1499 Build PLUS Hosting
AND Maintenance
  • Hosting: $180 yearly
  • Maintenance & Support: $300 yearly

4 Pages

Home, About, Services, Contact
$ 999 Build PLUS Hosting
  • Hosting: $180 yearly
  • NO Maintenance & ongoing Support

8 Pages

Same 4 pages + 4 more
$ 1499 Build PLUS Hosting
  • Hosting: $180 yearly
  • NO Maintenance & ongoing Support

= The First Step =
Let's Talk Ideas

We’ve transitioned to a more personalized approach by adopting an expression of interest model, rather than presenting a one-size-fits-all solution. This change allows us to tailor our services more closely to your needs as we know no 2 projects are EVER the same.  Speak to our assistant on the right, available on every page to guide you through the first steps!

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