V1.0.5.2 is now available, download below! Plugin approval date is around the 24th of April.


Assistant Integrator

Easiest OpenAI Assistant Integration on WordPress. And, It's FREE...

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This entire plugin was made with ChatGPT

What is the AI24 Assistant Integrator?

AI24 Assistant Integrator provides the easiest, fastest and most intuitive way to integrate your OpenAI assistants into your wordpress production site. With already another 7 planned versions (see roadmap), the vision is extensive and covers almost all areas you can imagine.

We understand how fast the landscape of AI is evolving and keeping this in mind is the forefront of our innovation in this space. Originally the plugin was custom designed specifically for this website but after having created it we thought, why not share it? For free. 

The entire code base is Opensource and free to expand upon. This version is VERY basic and the future releases will become more and more extensive with the expansion of AI. This will quickly grow beyond WordPress and we are extremely happy to accept code expansions if you would like to provide them. We will not endorse changes, you will not receive profit shares and any expansions shared are at your own discression. 

THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD PAGE. WE ARE STILL WAITING APPROVAL FROM WORDPRESS. Please do not download this plugin from anywhere else. DO NOT take download files from other users. We will only provide stable, beta or production versions of the plugin on this page and eventually on WordPress itself. 

This plugin in its current state is free for use to anyone on wordpress. The only costs incurred would be from your personal OpenAPI costs. If you’re using this for a client or a personal site it doesn’t matter. The integration takes less than 2minutes (given you have your assistant set up already) to get it up and running.

We are getting ready for the Gemini, Claude and other AI company assistants and will integrate as quickly as possible when these are released. We are already working to integrate platforms like the Zapier Central so that you can completely automate your assistant experience.

Please understand there may be bugs, there will be problems and we will attempt to fix them as quickly as possible. If you find issues, have problems OR have any suggestions for the plugin in the future please email us at: info@site24.com.au OR fill out the form below!

V1.0.5 Is out! Download on the right side. This update is crucial and now allows you to relatively easily integrate functions into your assistants. This is inarguably the most useful part of an assistant and we are extremely excited to have released it!

AI24 Assistant Integrator Roadmap

How do I download this plugin?

For the sake of ease and understanding we have only provided the basic overview of our roadmap.


  • Ability for users to modify messages
  • Integrating re-runs on failed retrieval attempts
    • Remove “powered by site24”
    • Full customization of the widget
    • Personal CSS use
  • Display conditions for wanted pages (HTML or in admin settings)
  • Thread storage changes
    • Ability to save threads
    • Useful for support bots 
  • BETA release of interaction logging
    • Integration with Airtable
    • Along side thread storage changes, ALL threads will be saved so you can track conversations yourself
  • Tracking token usage (Major upgrade)
  • Ability to use custom functions/actions/tools (You will need experience)


  • Live preview of what the widget looks like on your page
  • Custom live training model (BETA)
  • Multiple assistants at the same time on one site (Potential to reroute based on user inputs)
  • Our Refeeding model (BETA)
  • Double training (Extension of refeeding and custom live training. All PRO features)


  • Live finetuning
  • Live instruction modification
  • Crossfeeding threads (BETA, if possible)
  • And more…

To download this plugin click the free download link on the right side of this page. 

Go to your wordpress dashboard – plugins – add new – upload 

Insert the .zip file and the plugin will install for you. Check here periodically or check your email, we will notify you when a new version is released. 

Got a suggestion? Found a bug? Report here!

AI24 Assistant Integrator Download

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